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Change of Viewpoint

“What we see depends mainly on what we look for.”

John Lubbock

The business environment of today is characterized by its volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity (VUCA). In order to successfully navigate this environment, having access to new viewpoints and fresh perspectives is essential.

My invitation is to explore a change of viewpoint – whether a “zoom out” of seeing from a mountain peak or a “dive in” of exploring the depths of a ocean. No special equipment or training is needed, just an open mindset, curiosity and a willingness to explore outside the comfort zone.

Holistic Insights

“Systems thinking is a discipline for seeing wholes. It is a framework for seeing interrelationships rather than things, for seeing ‘patterns of change’ rather than static ‘snapshots.’”

Peter M Senge “The Fifth Discipline: The Art and Practice of the Learning Organization

Organizations and teams are living systems and my approach is based on a holistic, systemic perspective. This means looking beyond each individual to the interrelationships and dynamics within the broader environment.

A holistic view involves understanding how the whole is functioning, not just the individual parts. For example, understanding a team is not the same as understanding each individual member – it is how the members function together that determines the overall team dynamics. Similarly, taking apart and examining each component of a clock will not allow you to tell the time!

Overview of Services

My services explore new viewpoints on one or more of the themes of: the Why of the work, How the work is done and What that work is.

Having a compelling Why (reason to do the work) and a effective How (way of doing the work) creates a strong flow of energy. That energy can be channeled into a great product or service.

Examples of areas of exploration:

Why of the workWhat work is done How the work is done
Connection with vision, purpose and core valuesAreas for growth Energy and satisfaction levels
MotivationRoles, tasks and fit with individual strengths / passionsEffective communication and interaction with others
Belonging and identityAlignment of tasks with rolesLevels of trust and ability to manage conflict

My Approach

I partner with organizations, teams, professionals, executives, entrepreneurs, business owners and leaders.

My focus is on people, meaning I do not review financial accounts or dive into operational plans. My aim is to deliver holistic insights that empower people within teams and organizations to connect with their potential.

One of my areas of focus is where energy feels blocked, which may surface through feelings such as frustration or apathy. I work with my clients to explore the true underlying causes and find creative solutions to liberate blocked energy based on a holistic understanding of the situation.

Exploring under the surface…