Services for Teams

“Great things in business are never done by one person. They are done by a team of people.”

Steve Jobs

The quality of a team consists not only of the qualities of the individual members but the quality of how they work together and interact with their environment.

My work is based on the perspective that teams are living systems and that a key part of a team’s potential lies in the dynamics of the interrelations within their system.

These dynamics are invisible, however they are reflected in external indicators such as the effectiveness of communication, style of conflicts, recurring patterns of behavior and general energy levels of the team.

Areas of Exploration for Teams

I work with teams to explore from a holistic perspective any of the themes of the Why, How and What of their work together.

Why, What and How of Teams

Exploring the Why of the Team – Purpose, Motivation & Belonging

The Why of the team brings members together and provides a sense of purpose and belonging.

Examples of themes include:

  • How strong is the team’s understanding and connection to their purpose?
  • To what extent are individual team member’s unique motivations being met?
  • What is the team’s identity and sense of belonging?
  • How is the team’s contribution recognized?
Exploring the What of the Team – Roles & Responsibilities

The What primarily explores the roles and related responsibilities of the team members. The term “Role” does not refer to a job title, but rather the types of responsibilities (e.g. support, coordination) assumed by each member, both officially and unofficially.

Examples of themes include:

  • What are the key roles and responsibilities of each member? How clearly defined and recognized are roles?
  • What roles are unfilled in the team?
  • How well do the roles match each member’s strengths and passions?
  • Are tasks undertaken aligned with roles and responsibilities?
Exploring How the Team works – Connection & Energy Flow

The How of the team explores the connection and energy flow of the team.

Examples of themes include:

  • How effectively does the team communicate? How do they respond to conflict?
  • What are the energy levels of the team? How well does that energy flow?
  • What are common dynamics and patterns of the team? How and when might these be unproductive?
  • How does the team make decisions and adapt to changes?
  • How well developed is the emotional intelligence of the team?
  • What is the untapped potential of the team?

Services for Individuals – Professionals, Executives, Leaders, Entrepreneurs and Business Owners

“The best way to predict your future is to create it.”

Abraham Lincoln

I work with motivated individuals who believe in having an active, co-creator role in developing their personal potential, whether as a leader, business owner, entrepreneur, professional or executive.

Sessions are tailored to each individual based on their unique needs and talents. The overall aim is to explore new insights that can take an individual’s personal development to the next level.

Areas of Exploration for Individuals

I work with individuals to explore the Why, What and How of their work.

Why, What and How for Individuals

Exploring your Why – Purpose & Motivation

The Why explores the sense of purpose in your work as well as levels of motivation.

Examples of themes include:

  • What motivates you and gives you a sense of purpose?
  • How does your current work give you purpose and provide motivation?
Exploring your What – Roles & Talents

In the What we explore your work related roles, including how they align with your talents and give rise to areas for development. We also explore whether new roles could be interesting.

Examples of themes include:

  • What are your key strengths and how are they utilized in the roles you undertake in work?
  • What areas for development do your roles require and how are you developing them?
  • What new roles could be interesting?
Exploring your How – Energy & Flow

The How of your work explores themes related to the flow of energy and realization of your potential .

Examples of themes include:

  • How much of your potential is currently being realized in your work? Where are you feeling blocked or limited in realizing your potential?
  • What type of balance between giving vs taking is there in your work? What type of balance would you like to have?
  • What are your key communication styles? How effective are they?
  • What styles of leadership do you feel most comfortable with? What styles would you like to develop?
  • How do you manage conflict? How would you like to manage conflict?
  • How do you approach problem-solving?
  • What types of emotional intelligence have you developed? What types would you like to further develop?

Insights That Liberate Potential.